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Personal protective equipment is the first line of defense against hazardous materials and workplace environmental dangers, such as infections, bacteria, and disease transmission. These are essential resources that help keep our families safe, as well as protect our doctors and nurses and enable them to take better care of us. By providing a seamless supply of protective gear and medical equipment, Pods Health equips hospitals, clinics, and medical care foundations to tackle medical emergencies and outbreaks.

Count on Pods for your Healthcare supply needs.

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CEO and Founder

Founded by Mr Deepak Poddar who studied medical Science at St Andrews University, and alongside his family, was a key supporter of India’s fastest growing FMCG Company Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.

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Reasons to work with Pods for your Hospital Supply Needs

  • Ability to source, manufacture, and custom deliver medical supplies
  • Sustainable sources and manufacturing abilities
  • Capability to consult and assist with licensing, registration, and approval from health regulatory organizations
  • Extensive product catalog focused on better quality and a higher grade of durability
  • Post sales service guarantee from Pods Health
  • Urgent restocking ability for hospitals, clinics, communities, government, and healthcare foundations
  • Registered with all regulatory bodies
  • Transparent pricing with guaranteed quality
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create a hassle-free structure.

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