All About Help And Care

We rise by lifting others

Pods Health believes that philanthropy has the power to transform healthcare and the lives of people around the world – not only through healthcare services and provisions and charity, but through proactive measures and efforts to combat healthcare, economic, and educational disparities.

On that note, we look to grow our philanthropic efforts to create a larger impact on society and for people deprived of essential services and opportunities.

Pods is actively engaged and fostering “African Dreams™ and “APF World”, both of which are not-for-profit organizations.

African Dreams™ is founded by Sung Jun Kim, Young-Suk Suh, and Deepak Poddar to provide equitable healthcare and medical supplies for people living in West Africa. APF World is founded by Deepak Poddar and Aditi Poddar to provide education to orphans in India.

APF World

Aditi Poddar Foundation was founded on June 29, 2011, by Aditi Poddar and Deepak Poddar. Aditi Poddar Foundation is a non-religious, non- political, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing education to orphans. The purpose of the Aditi Poddar Foundation is to empower underprivileged and orphan children through relevent educational, innovative healthcare, and market-focused livelihood progras. We provide a platform that unifies foundations and resources for orphans, victims of child abuse, abduction, homelessness, and child molestation, and community outrech programs from across the country.

African Dreams

African Dreams has partnered with Pods health Ltd and HOLY Technologies Co., Ltd to source directly from world-class manufacturers. We are working hard to ensure that West Africa is well equipped to prevent the spread of infections and pathogens by promoting sufficient testing and the provision of personal protective equipment, as well as encouraging the restart of the local economy and international travel.