HF Digital Ceiling Suspended Radiography System

HF Digital Ceiling Suspended Radiography System

85-100kW generator provides the right amount of penetration, reducing exposure times and retakes. The ceiling suspended frame covers a wide exposure area, multi-dimensional moveable bucky stand for various radiography placements. A-si flat-panel detector: active area:17″*17″ meets various radiography needs. Adopts international advanced medical image processing technology, perfect DR image processing function.

Product Code: XR-011

Output Power: 85kW Inverter Frequency: 60 kHz Dual-focus: Small focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.2 Tube Voltage: 40-150 kV Tube Current: 10-1000 mA Digital Detector: Flat panel detector


Certification: CE


Country of Origin: China


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