Disposable Syringes (3 part) without needle Luer-Lock

Disposable Syringes (3 part) without needle Luer-Lock

Excellent slidable performance for medical staff to easily perform clinical injection. Strong graduation ink adhesive force, friction resistance, not easy to fall off. Universal fit: conical lock fittings with 6% confirm with international standards, can be used with any product with 6% conical lock fittings. Clearly observable solution and bubbles with transparent barrel; push button of plunger with skidproof structure that easy to grip; the inner cavity of the rear end of barrel with skidproof structure to prevent the plunger from accidentally sliding.

Product Code: SYD-013

This product is widely used in hospital and clinic. It contains: barrel, plunger, rubber plug and piston.

Materials: PP

Certification: CE, ISO


Country of Origin: Asia


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