Pods Pill Light

Pods Pill Light

Ensure that your home, office, hotel room, or car is clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and germs by placing the Pods Pill Light UVC Sanitizing Lamp in your space for disinfection. This portable lamp will also disinfect your everyday items like toothbrushes, smartphones, remotes, tablets, and keys. In addition, it will eliminate the smell of mold from items of clothing, furniture, sheets, and blankets. The unit has a coverage area of 42 ft² and features an automatic 30-minute disinfecting cycle. A built-in rechargeable battery enables cordless operation for up to four disinfecting cycles. A support bracket makes setup on a secure flat surface seamless.

Product Code: UVC-003

• UV Disinfection Lamp • Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses • Eliminates Mold Odors • 42 ft² Coverage Area


Certification: CE


Country of Origin: China


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