POD ICU Ventilator

POD ICU Ventilator

The ventilator is suitable for various kinds of medical institutions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation respiratory support.

Product Code: VE-031

15″ TFT LCD touch screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information and waveforms Air compressor runs stably with low noise, creating a quiet environment for doctors and patients. Integration breathing circuit design Real time pressure, flow-time loop graphics, pressure volume loop graphics and high precision ETCO2, O2 concentration detection function included Electrical PEEP control, three levels alarm system, visual and sound alarm information, built-in backup power supply Breathing valve is disassembled and can be disinfected Pressure: 280 kPa – 600kPa Voltage: 220 V + 22 V


Certification: CE


Country of Origin: China


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